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          ABOUT US

          The total construction area of the enterprise reaches
          40 million yuan
          The total investment of the factory is up to
          Annual output reached
          Peiwu Machinery-Committed to building a technological enterprise with professional development


          In accordance with the professional requirements of casting technology, environmental protection, safety production and occupational
          hygiene, the company has set up and improved various casting procedures.

          Joint design castings

          Multi-way reversing valve castings

          Hydraulic pump motor series

          Clay core series

          High pressure filter series


          Scope of application

          A professional casting factory with an investment of 40 million yuan, with applications covering: engineering machinery, pump valves and hydraulic parts, vehicle castings, shipbuilding heavy industry and other castings and related mechanical processing products.


          The market position is to combine export and domestic. Domestic products are mainly sold to Shanghai, Nantong
          and other places, and exported to Germany, Japan, the United States, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic and other countries and regions.

          • Advanced production equipment
          • Extensive product marketing
          • Strong corporate strength
          • Intimate after-sales service

          news information

          Recent years of scientific research, development innovation and integrity management

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